Friday, March 30, 2018

Shut Down "Catholic" Relief Services

It's time for the US Bishops to shut down "Catholic" Relief Services, which has spent a large bunch of dollars subsidizing the annual Heresy Weekend in Los Angeles.

...Patin said he wished that the only problem with the conference was with the speakers, but there also existed a glaring problem with its benefactors. 

It should sufficiently unsettle you to know that Catholic Relief Services is a major contributor to the REC,” he said. 

Patin noted how Ignatius Press, EWTN, Catholic Answers and Augustine Institute, all regarded as conservative Catholic groups, were located out of the way and in low-traffic areas.

This was in stark contrast to the prime positions given to CRS, he said. In addition, CRS’ logo was on virtually every Congress-provided piece of merchandise, including the tote bag provided by anyone who bought a ticket - some 35,000-plus attendees.....

Remove the money from "Catholic" Relief Services.  Create an agency which is actually Catholic instead--and put the money into that cookie jar.



M. Prodigal said...

The bishops will not shut it down for it is a money making machine and it is all about the money.

Dad29 said...

It's clear that you know NOTHING about church finances, prodigal.

Read what I wrote: shut it down, and create a new one with actually-Catholic policies that are enforced.

john said...

Problem is, there are no Catholic bishops left. Even the most "conservative" is poisoned by VII.

Fr. VF said...

Dad29: If the money were coming from the faithful, you would be correct. But the money comes from the federal government. If the bishops insisted that their agencies behave in a Catholic manner, the money would dry up.

Logan L Watson said...

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