Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why Girly-Boys Are Bad for America

Ace ruminates a bit about an essay on the usual crap:  White Male Privilege.  He quotes from a piece by someone named Will Leitch, then from the counter-punch at The Federalist.  Summing up the Federalist piece:

Big picture, his idea is simple and obviously true: Boys have an innate bias towards impulsiveness, daring, aggression, and, yes, even to violence, and it's precisely by training boys how to channel these sometimes good, sometimes bad impulses into positive directions that we turn boys into well-functioning men....

That necessarily includes instruction on self-restraint, which happens to be a major theme of Patrick Deneen's in the context of democratic government.  Self-restraint is the antithesis of the "live for today" mentality of classical Liberal materialism, and certainly the antithesis of the amoral/moral relativity bunch such as Planned Barrenhood and the Queer Movement. 

It is not co-incidence that SCOTUS has blessed the Queer Agenda and Barrenhood.

Actual manhood must be re-emphasized; PajamaBoys should be kept in closets.


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