Friday, March 23, 2018

Budget Cave-In Votes

Ninety Republicans voted AGAINST Paul Ryan's Democrat Dreams budget.  That's the one that funds a big ditch in New York for $30 billion, but NOT a wall to stop drugs and slave labor.

Priorities, ya'know.

As to who voted AGAINST:

Not Duffy, of the North Woods.

Not Ryan, of course.  He's still funding Planned Parenthood.

Against it:  Sensenbrenner and Grothman.  But I don't believe Grothman was "against it."  There were plenty of "YEA" votes, so Grothman was given a pass by Ryan, ergo Grothman could pretend to be a conservative running up to the fall election.

He'll go back to Ryan-ism as soon as the election's over.  Who knows?  He might be promoted from go-pher, too!!

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