Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ace's Gorilla Has It

This was worth stealing.

"The gun control issue is actually pretty simple if you look to see who's on either side. Those who believe in 2A rights are usually decent, hard-working citizens more comfortable with their churches or communities than in a gargantuan federal government. On the other side, you have a whole degenerate parade of dictators, would-be dictators, busy-bodies, power-mad politicians, tatted out basement-dwellers with multi-colored hair, broke baristas, overweight feminist banshees, sissified soy boys, media potato-heads on CNN, know-nothing-because-they've-been-taught-nothing high school students, pig-ignorant gender studies majors, inbred college professors, Salon editors driven mad by their own inferiority, and assorted commies, pinkos, twinks, wonks, and weirdos..."  --from Oregon Muse at AOSHQ


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