Saturday, March 17, 2018

McCabe, Comey, Under Criminal Investigation

Perhaps the most ferocious opponent of The Swamp is the Conservative Treehouse.

(OK, Andrew McCarthy ain't bad, either.)

He clearly has an 'insider's' take on events; he knows how to read Gummint-speak; he always distinguishes the precise nature of investigations; he also knows that criminal investigations usually take a lot of time.

And he knows that Jeff Sessions is nobody's fool, no matter what certain Talking Heads may say.

He ALSO knows--and names--the (R) Swamp-Protectors.

...the bad news is… the entity pushing today’s outrage du jour is the House Oversight Committee. Remember, the basic motives behind every single effort of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are political.

This is the Chaff and Countermeasures committee formerly led by Darryl Issa,… then Jason Chaffetz… and now Trey Gowdy.

Yeah, that.  The House Oversight Committee is 100% political and structured to protect the Swamp 100% of the time.  Issa, Chaffetz, Rosterhead…. same/same....

There's a LOT more solid information in that post.  He re-states that Sessions has had a Fed Prosecutor on this thing for 9 months or so.  The fun is just beginning.

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