Sunday, March 18, 2018

Did Facebook Data Elect Trump?

Althouse has three (THREE!!) posts on the latest Democrat attempt to depose the President.  This one claims that Trump's campaign 'abused' Facebook data to influence the election.

If you read the long, long, story about some Canadian kid with pink hair who developed a theory about.......whatever.........and Bannon bought the theory and then some scumbag Ph.D. double-crossed somebody else and (did you know that Ph.D. is a RUSSIAN!!????) and then there were ads on Facebook and ......Did you know that Facebook is a scuzzy capitalist PROFIT outfit???

But keep reading, and you'll find out that the Russkis involved in all this actually began their de-legitimatizing of the election in 2014--before Trump had announced.


Here's the trenchant Althouse thought on the whole matter:

Can anyone explain why there is so much fear of targeted political advertising? If it's as dangerous as they act like they think then people are so weak-minded that democracy should be broken and we might as well let the machines take over.

Unmmnnnhhhh.....yah.  Maybe the (D) voters are that stupid, which is why the (D) politicians are the super-screechers here.

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