Sunday, March 11, 2018

Thanks, Clinton, "W", and Obozo--You Idiots!!

While Clinton and "W" were making our military play good-cop all over the globe, the Russkis were spending THEIR defense rubles on advanced weapons.

So the Russkis have really, really, really advanced weapons.  And we have several hundred police stations all over the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia--occupied by US Marines.

Good trade, fellas.

Here's what the Russkis have been working on:

Max range: 540nmi (620mi; 1,000km)
Max altitude: 40km (130,000 feet)
Average range is around 400km (250mi; 220nmi)/450 km.
Speed: Mach 5–Mach 6 (3,806–4,567mph; 6,125–7,350km/h; 1.7015–2.0417km/s).
Max speed: Mach 8
(6,090mph; 9,800km/h; 2.7223km/s) during a test.
Warhead: 300-400kg (high explosive or nuclear)
Shape: low-RCS with radar absorbing coating.
Cost per missile: 1-2 million dollars (depending on configuration)

Very cool.  And nothing we have will defeat that, since it can be launched from damn near anything down to a bass-boat.

Then there's the Russki ICBM which is pretty formidable, but that's not the worst part.

...the Sarmat’s reentry vehicles/warhards are capable of flying in low orbit, maneuver, and then suddenly plunge towards their targets....

Hmmm.  They can select targets on the fly, from their cozy little dacha outside Moscow.  Nice.

So next time someone tells you that we really, really, really, MUST spend mil-dollars in some fleabitten shithole, you know how to respond.

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