Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Avoid Tariffs, Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson is running around Wisconsin bleating about tariffs.  Again. 

He's joined by a number of local RadioMouths, and they all mouth the same line:  "Tariffs are a TAX on US citizens!!  DOOM!  GLOOM!!"

Bull&^%t, Ron.

Unlike the income tax, the sales tax, and the gas tax, one can evade the tariff "tax" easily:


And Buying American has another couple of advantages:  it's legal, and keeps your neighbors working!

Oh, and Ron:  start thinking VERY hard about what sort of campaign message the Pubbies want to send in the upcoming elections, eh?  You want to send the message that Chinese coolies in Communist China are more important than US citizen-workers?

Maybe you want to think again, Ron

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