Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bits/Pieces Assembly: Norks, DeepState, FoxConn.....

This fellow has assembled the bits and pieces very well.

Briefly:  Trump uses leverage--usually financial leverage--to 'help' certain parties to 'understand' what the US wants done.  If those parties don't get the hint, he ups the game.

So in the case of North Korea, Trump told Communist China to fix it.  China didn't move effectively--so Trump upped the stakes, cutting off some of the flow-of-goods from PRC to Nork.  China still played dumb.

So the steel and aluminum tariffs card was played.

Notice how fast the FatKorean cried "Uncle!!"??  Yah.  About a week. 

Also note:  The Deep State players were completely out of the loop.  Tillerson did not know about the Nork deal until South Korea announced it.  There's a reason for that:  if Tillerson were told, the DeepState jackwads at State would also know about it, and would do their damndest to scuttle the deal. 

The DeepState's lifeblood is un-resolved conflict--just as the Democrat Party's lifeblood is "campaign issues."  They can NOT let those "issues"--or "conflicts"--get resolved.....who would need those jackwad barnacles then?

Not un-related at all:

Trump got elected President with a "US First" campaign.  He was very serious about that, and all the world's real players know it.  One 'real player' is the owner of FoxConn.  When he knew Trump was in, he got in touch with Trump and--POOF!!!--there's a new FoxConn plant coming to Wisconsin.


Because Trump is serious about US jobs, and does not care about ChiCom jobs.  If FoxConn wants a US market for its 5GL goodies, they will play by US/Trump's rules, beginning with "make it in the USA."

Anyone familiar with the usual pace of 'new plant location' games knows that they usually stretch out over 2-3 years.  The FoxConn deal was done in about 90-120 days.


Put the pieces together.  The Other Guys can see--clearly--what the MSM cannot, because the MSM is stupid, just like Obama and Bush.  Trump has cut the DeepState out of the equasion--which leaves them with very few excuses for getting paid, by the way.

This is a lot more fun than anyone thought it might be, eh??

HT:  Peter

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