Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dems Veto Wall Again

Call this what you like, but the Party of Slave Labor (yes, the Democrats) have vetoed the wall, again.

...The Democrats would only agree to the wall funding if Trump agreed to citizenship for at least 1.8 million younger illegals, not just work permits for the 680,000 DACA enrollees.

Citizenship for the 1.8 million illegals would also mean citizenship for millions of their chain-migration relatives and would create a legal precedent to justify giving citizenship to all subsequent waves of children illegally brought into the United States by their illegal-immigrant parents. That Democratic counter-proposal would also have stripped Trump of the leverage to win other popular immigration reforms, including ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, and closing legal loopholes in border security....

The Democrats.  Slavery then, slavery now, slavery forever!!

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