Sunday, March 11, 2018

Oconomowoc and Canada

Earlier this week we learned that the principal of Oconomowoc High School was summarily fired due to his defense of a "white privilege" assembly at said high school.  A member of the school board quit in sympathy to the ex-principal.


In the country immediately north (no, not the U.P.), it seems that a public thinker was opining on the matter of "white privilege."  I think this paragraph is worth repeating here.

...White privilege is a racist concept on its face, with skin colour as the main determinant of value and truth....

And, by the way, it is a cancer.

...Identity politics atomizes society, dissolves community, reduces a country to subsets of clans, one-dimensional interests, group thinking, and obscures the immense diversity of individual, specific lives and the people who live them....

MLK would have puked at "white privilege" assemblies in high school, or anyplace else.  His Dream specifically excluded that.  Ours should, too.

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