Saturday, March 31, 2018

Special Counsel? Fabbledoozle!

We've mentioned that some Political Windbags and many RadioMouths (all interested in your donations or advertising dollars, thankyouverymuch!!) are like a chorus of dogs out there, howling and barking for another Special Counsel.

They're all happy with your money, and they're all full of crap, including the President.

...AG Sessions, while responding to an irrelevant congressional request for a special counsel, told us yesterday that Huber is in charge of a “team” of prosecutors.  Yet some weird and seemingly illogical reason, many people don’t seem to understand that.

There’s already a team of prosecutors reviewing all the evidence of criminality collected by Inspector General Horowitz.  FULLSTOP.

There’s no need for a special counsel.  Jonathan Turley understands this.

It is nonsensical to demand a Special Counsel when there has been a team of federal prosecutors reviewing the evidence for over six months.  The outcome of their collective effort goes directly to federal indictments; there is simply no need for a special counsel.

Remember, the IG is looking at gross misconduct of official DOJ and FBI policy and practices.  The prosecutor is looking at criminal misconduct from within those offices.   The IG releases findings to the public, the prosecutor does not – until the courtroom.   There is an overlap within the parallel of the IG and Prosecutor, but both have entirely different objectives.

There’s also evidence of an existing Grand Jury.

There's also plenty of evidence that the Left, including the ex-President and the Perpetual Losing Bint, are very damned nervous about what's coming.  That's why the "SQUIRREL!!!!!"  and "SHINY OBJECT!!!!" plays are out there with Camera Hogg--and why Mueller's Jerkwads are combing through Trump business papers from 2010 or before so they can leak information--starting Monday--which is irrelevant but juicy.

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