Friday, March 16, 2018

District of Corruption vs. Trump

It becomes clearer:  the breadth of corruption in D.C. is horrific.

We all knew about the Clintons; the American Spectator unveiled their putrid stench years ago in its series of articles on the drug-trade, chicken futures, and the Chinese Communist money.  So when Hillary simply continued the family's business of Treason-For-Profit as SecState, no one was surprised.

It did not bother The Swamp too much, either, which strikes one as odd.  Well, of course, now that Hillary is out of power and out of options, that's beginning to crash.  Look for them to purchase property in a non-extraditing country in the near future.

We've noticed, too, that some Republicans--like McConnell--are fighting Trump by any means necessary.  Would you be surprised to learn that McConnell has a familial-personal-enrichment reason for that?

Don't be.  

How about Biden and Kerry?

Don't be.

The worst part:  McConnell is just a small part of the Large Collection of stench-makers. Biden and Kerry--who DOES have Heinz money--are just two more players.

What about the rest of Congress?  The ex-Congressmen lobbyists?  The Best and Brightest who control trade bureaucracies in the District of Corruption?


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