Friday, March 30, 2018

Ah, Bishop Seitz! Really??

Bp. Seitz is a Southeast Wisconsin native.  Now he's the Bishop of El Paso, TX.  And he has an opinion about the US Border.

...Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso said the southern border is not a threat to the United States, calling that a “false narrative.”

“We in the church believe a nation does have a right to control its border but we see a border as a place of encounter, a place of bridges, as Pope Francis has often reminded us. It is a place where people ought to be able to meet,” he said on the call....

Very kind of him to acknowledge that nations have the right to control borders.

As to "encounters" and "bridges," the Bishop can ask Kate Steinle's dad about that.  Or the dads and moms of the white-slavery/sex-trafficking victims.  Or the husbands, wives, and children of the narcotics addicts fed by drugs crossing the border illegally--or the parents who have buried their children due to overdoses.

What have you to say to THEM, Excellency??   Hmmmmmm??

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