Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Lefty Tactic on "Gun Regulation": "Hunters!!!"

The local rag (Journal-Sentinel) has published two items in the last couple of days about the "gun regulation" matter.

One was an editorial written by a hunter.

The other was a "news" item concentrating on a bunch of hunters.

Notice something?  Yup.....the noun "hunter."  THAT is the tactic the Left will be using for the foreseeable future to dress up their gun-control flapjaw.  After all, "hunters" know about guns, know about safety, know about whacking Bambis and goose-es.....right? 

So the hunters are experts on the Second Amendment.....which was NOT written to enable Hunters, Hunter safety, Bambi-shoots, or goose dinners.  It was written to DIS-able tyrants, whether (R), (D),--or worse, if that's imaginable.

Let them shout "SQUIRREL!!!!" all they want, but keep your eyes fixed on the real prize:  liberty.

And let all 200 readers of that newspaper think about hunting.  

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