Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sweating the Wisconsin Mid-Terms?

The Professional Pubbies are running around with their hair on fire about the mid-term elections, 'sounding alarms,' giving 'wake-up calls,' and--of course--asking for megadollars to overcome the Democrat Menace.

A near-meaningless western Wisconsin seat switched to Democrat.  At the time, observant pundits were critical of the (R) candidate because--unlike his (D) opponent--he ran on issues about which the citizens DID NOT CARE.

Seems like his formula is still a loser.  Here's a not-MSM take on the Pittsburgh-area election:

...the Democrats that are winning are doing so in opposition to their own party. Conor Lamb ran around saying nice things about Trump, while the Republican sounded like every generic Republican the voters have come to hate. The Left will want to pitch this as a referendum on Trump, but really what’s shaping up is a referendum on the GOP establishment. They do nothing but foot drag and obstruct the Trump agenda.....

First off:  history is against the Pubbies; the mid-terms almost always turn against the President's party.  Second:  for the Pubbies who have still not figured this out, "business as usual" is fetid; it died about 15 months ago (or longer) and it ain't coming back for quite some time.

So you can get on the train, or sit at the station. 

And just for clarity, once again:  I voted for CRUZ in the primary.  So I missed that train, too--at that time.  Trump ain't a saint, and he's not a savior. 

But he's not a 1980's Pubbie, either.

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