Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Magnum Principium"? Not Really, Holiness

We all know that Pp. Francis didn't actually write the document called "Magnum Principium".  That's good, because it is not nice to play with the truth.  And the document decidedly plays with the truth.  Here's the opening line:

The great principle, established by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, according to which liturgical prayer be accommodated to the comprehension of the people so that it might be understood...

Not really.  

How "not really?"  A LOT of "not really."  The irreplaceable Prof. Kwasniewski demonstrates that with a long, long, long series of quotations from Bishops and Cardinals defending the use of Latin during the Mass--at the 2 Vat Council, no less!!  There is no "great principle" involved here; rather, the text of Sacrosanctum Consilium grants a CONCESSION to LIMITED use of the vernacular. 

Thee propagandists scribbling for HH Francis have launched another....ahhh......half-truth.  

One of those quotes, by the way, is chilling:

...All those who want to diminish Latin always invoke the same reason: so that the people will understand and participate better. That is what the Augsburg Confession demanded....

Especially when read in conjunction with this one:

...archbishop of London … No. 42: not too much of the vernacular language; risk of error in matters of faith; and if the choice is left to the bishops, erit maxima confusio [there will be great confusion]. (217)...

Like, say, in matters of Matrimony?

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GOR said...

Great principle? As we would have said when across the pond, with more brevity than Prof. K – Bollocks!