Thursday, September 07, 2017

So Now, WellsFargo Cuts Off Pro-Family Charity!!

As a followup to its huge customer-account fraud AND its auto-lending/insurance scam, WellsFargo decided to cut off a pro-family, pro-marriage Christian charity.

Smooth move, WellsFargo!! 

The pro-family, pro-children Ruth Institute was notified Thursday that its online donation processor had cut off services because it promotes “hate, violence, harassment or abuse.” Correspondence suggests that there is a line leading directly to banking giant Wells Fargo and the Southern Poverty Law Center....

Their processing provider, Vanco, pointed the finger directly at WellsFargo in their press release on the question.  WellsFargo, which was "unable to provide a response" was using guidance from the Southern Piece-of-Crap Liars' outfit which has offices in Alabama and umpty-millions of dollars stashed in offshore tax-haven accounts.

Who knows?  Maybe some of their money is in WellsFargo tax-haven offshore accounts, eh??

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