Monday, September 18, 2017

Abp Listecki Is Right on Migrant Chilluns; Here's the Solution

The Archbishop of Milwaukee, Jerome Listecki, issued a statement regarding DACA chilluns.

'I am saddened to see our nation joining in the unjust treatment of thousands of young men and women when [...] Sessions announced that the Trump Administration is 'rescinding' the DACA program which protects hundreds of thousands of young children brought here illegally.'

OK, then, Excellency.  How about this??

1)  Keep all DACA chilluns who were brought here ILLEGALLY (your word, not mine) when they were under 18 years of age.  Remove their parents.

2)  Any DACA "chilluns" who were brought here ILLEGALLY when they were over the age of 18 get deported, and go to the back of the line.

You are correct:  actual children cannot be faulted for the criminal activities of their parents, so they can remain.  The parents are criminals--so they should be deported.  And if the "chilluns" were over 18 when brought here, they were old enough to know better; deport them.

See, Excellency, "justice" is owed to those people who are still waiting in line for green cards.  "Justice" also is owed to US citizens who will be paying to support these people.  Don't fall into the metaphysical trap of believing that 'charity' is practiced by Governments, for it is NOT; 'charity' is only practiced by individuals.  Yes, I realize that your education (and the fabulists at the US Catholic Conference) may have told you differently--but to be candid, your education was flat-out wrong on that count.  So are the bureaucrats WE PAY FOR at USCC.

And by the way, Pp. Francis' words on child sex trafficking don't really apply here.

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Simple living said...

I like the reply from Steve Bannon; the church loves immigrants because they need to fill their empty churches. He also said the Pope and Bishops don't have the authority to talk about immigration in a way Catholics are compelled to agree. In this subject they are men with opinions, nothing more.

They need to go back, Trump needs to build the wall and this immigration issue must be settled or our country is lost.