Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wisdom From the '60's (!)

DiPippo's dad wrote a 'stiff upper lip' note to DiPippo's mom (who knew and worked around some VERY notable Catholic names in the '60's.)  The mom had a good deal of discomfort with what was going on in the Church, and the dad tried to comfort her a bit.

This passage struck a chord with me:

...Remember, the cool ones have been those who knew that in spite of all that they saw around them, and what was happening within the Church, their first concern was to save their immortal souls; they worked within the Church. … 

One must be cool in these things and remember that on many occasions Christ has allowed the devil and his armies to turn the Church into chaos and turmoil, and that every time She has come out refreshed, rejuvenated, and as vital as Her Founder intended Her to be. You must remember that these factions, these creeping elements of fungus and disease have always been in the Church, and that every time they have lost in the end....

Love that hippie lingo, eh?

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