Sunday, September 24, 2017

So Rand Paul Wants *THIS* Legacy?

Nolte said it pretty well.

...we cannot all be Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who looks like he could end up taking John McCain’s place next week as Obamacare’s sole savior. Because he is not getting everything he wants right away, Paul is refusing to support Graham-Cassidy, and his no-vote, his oh-so principled stand, could forever saddle our country with Obamacare. Some legacy....

I'm fairly certain that Rand Paul understands history and the term 'long march.'  It took the Progressive Socialists about 100 years to effect national healthcare and they still have not gotten The Prize, which is single-payer.

I ask Rand Paul to understand the 'long march' in reverse, and vote FOR Graham-Cassidy-RoJo.  I'm not a raving fan, either--but this is not a PolicyWonkLaLaLand Ryansplat.  It's a pretty damn good start. 

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