Wednesday, September 06, 2017

How About a Post on Sex??

There.  That should be click-bait.

This short essay quotes T S Eliot, then asks a question, then answers it, and tells us something that we all kinda-sorta knew without having formulated it.

Here's the (slightly-edited) end of the column--the part we all kinda-sorta knew:

...fatherless children don’t go to church.  In 1929, the American illegitimacy rate hovered around 3 percent. Today it is 40 percent overall.  Church attendance for adults who grew up in a household with a father who attended church every week is 72 percent; church attendance for adults who did not have a church-attending father is 2-4 percent.

...How many rioters grew up following their fathers into church every week?...

Now go back and read the sexy part.

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