Sunday, September 24, 2017

Civil War in the Catholic Church: Volley Three

After Pp. Francis published a document on marriage--which publication had many of the elements of the (D) enactment of ObozoCare--there came a reaction.

That reaction, the first, was from four Cardinals of the Church who asked some very pointed questions about the wording of the document.  It's been more than 1 year since the Cardinals sent their letter to Pp. Francis and there has been no response (although one of the Cardinals was summarily--and dishonestly--'fired' from his post.)

The second reaction was from about four dozen prominent theologians spread across a few continents.  They asked the same questions, but the run-up to them was much more detailed.  They have gotten the same response--and another firing, this time of a lay professor in Spain.

Now another reaction, from several dozen OTHER laypeople and clerics.  (I'm told that the Jebbies are 'doxxing' these people as this is being composed, showing all the usual class of the post-Vatican II Jebs.)

Pretty soon, ya'know, this might get serious.

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