Monday, September 25, 2017

Could Mark Levin Be Like This?

Levin continues to insist that labor arbitrage--the practice of replacing higher cost labor with lower cost labor (read, "coolies") is VERY GOOD for the US economy.

Kurt Schlichter differs:

...Conservativism forgot about the real world conservatives we expected to line up behind us. While we were talking about free trade, we were ignoring that GOP voter who fought in Fallujah, came home, got a job building air conditioners, raised a family, and then one day watched the video of the oh-so-sorry CEO – who looked remarkably like Mitt Romney, because all these guys look remarkably like Mitt Romney – sadly informing his beloved employees that their jobs were getting shipped to Oaxaca. And our response to the 58-year old Republican voter who asked us how he was going to keep paying for his mortgage and his kid in college? Pretty much, “Well, that’s how free enterprise works. Read some Milton Freidman and go learn coding....

Actually, Levin could be like that.  And he IS like that.  

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