Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wall Street Banks Screwed Puerto Rico

Ticker doesn't quite say it, but it's true.  The Bigs on The Street screwed Puerto Rico, not the US taxpayer, nor the US Congress.  The Bigs financed PR's drunken spending spree (at a price, of course) which caused problems now that the chickens have come home.

Of course, Puerto Rico's lefty political "leaders" were the primary problem.  But they're furiously tossing the foo-foo dust around and--as usual--the MSM is inhaling with joy.


.....Those issues arose because of decades of intentional mismanagement, grift and fraud including by the Governor himself and the rest of the Puerto Rican government, which has taken on debt over and over while squandering it on social programs instead of taking care of critical infrastructure needs -- like basic maintenance to the electrical grid....

By the way:  Puerto Rico has a lot of resemblance to certain US cities which have also been mis-managed for decades by Lefty politicians, ain'a??  Good thing hurricanes don't hit Detroit, or Chicago, or Milwaukee.....

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