Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fantasy, the CEO Way

Everyone knows that Judy Faulkner was a VERY heavy contributor to the Alinskyite B. Hussein Obama--and to the much less charming (and much less competent) "Diamond Jim" Doyle.

But few knew, until yesterday, that Ms. Faulkner thinks of herself as a Wizard-ette.

...A rapt audience of 11,000 filled the Deep Space auditorium at Epic System Corp. in Verona on Tuesday as founder Judy Faulkner -- garbed in a red wizard's gown and hat -- addressed the annual users group meeting. ... Caption, picture at this link.

...Electronic health records are “so last year,” Faulkner told Epic’s annual users group meeting on Tuesday.

“You have to look at who you are,” she said, and consider a patient’s eating habits, sleep patterns, education, habitat and even issues such as loneliness. They are all factors in a person’s health, she said....

Well, OK, then.  Let's not forget "gun ownership," Judy. 

This fantasy-world stuff is not restricted to Ms. Faulkner.  The Chairman of General Motors, Mary Barra, has joined the Board of Disney.   Barra's car company is spending mucho-lotsa dollars on "self-driving" cars--which is nice, until you realize that "self-driving" cars will erase BRAND LOYALTY from the car-buying equation.  But hey!!  Tomorrow-Land and Fantasy-Land co-exist at Disney, so what could go wrong?? 

Ahh, fantasy.   

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