Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump v. NFL: THE Cage-Match

So The Donald, lacking anything else to do, managed to stick his fingers into a hornet's nest, calling out football players who think that the USA sucks.

First off, the players who pull that stuff are jerks.  They are acting like two-year-olds.  By the time normal people are about 21 years old, they understand that life is not fair.  (Yes, I know; for college snowflakes the age is more like 27.)

Here's a thought:  as soon as your $1+++ million/year contracts stop rolling in, leave the country!  Find a better place!!  See how that First Amendment stuff works there!!  I heard that Germany is looking for diversity.  So is Italy.  Or you could try Red China; they really need diversity but don't know it.  Educate them!

Secondly, the NFL is as "divisive" as can be, second only to the Obozo Administration.  This is the NFL which threatened a church group with a lawsuit because that group hosted a fund-raiser in the church basement while an NFL game was played on a TV.  Divisive  much, Goodell, you jackwad?   This is the NFL which would NOT allow Dallas Cowboys to wear a memorial patch to the 6 Dallas cops killed by BLM criminals.  This is the NFL which demands that teams interview "diverse" candidates for any coaching job, instead of just "the best" candidates.  This is the NFL which threatened to fine players for wearing stars-and-stripes footwear after 9/11.  Fuck you, Goodell!

I'll take the NFL seriously when Tony Dungy is Commish.

Finally:  The Donald shoulda stood in bed.  There are some situations which the President cannot and should not attempt to resolve, and this is one of them.  The President cannot eliminate or shame all the jackwads in the USA--hell, this President can't even prosecute Hillary Clinton for blatant, willful, and serial violations of the ESPIONAGE ACT.  In short, Donald, play on your home field and start shooting the alligators in the swamp.  Ignore the two-year-olds.  

In Vegas, the odds are that you'll lose this one, Donald.  Cut the losses and go after Hillary, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, Podesta, and your immediate predecessor.

That's something you can WIN with.

NOTE:  For a different--and in many ways more insightful--take on this pile of crap, see Wiggy.

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