Friday, September 15, 2017

On James Martin SJ, Rented Mule, UPDATED

It is reported that James Martin SJ objected to someone stating that he was 'beaten like a rented mule.'

It is further reported that James Martin SJ lied like Hell about the incident and ran off to tell mommy some intertubes-nanny.

If I were James Martin SJ, I'd be looking out for approaching millstones.

But that's just me.


The braying of this particular Jesuit-mule includes noise about being 'in good standing' and that a Jebby superior allowed release of Martin's book.

As the Canonist notes, neither of those attributes means diddledy-squat.   And at this point in time, the braying-mule-Jebby doesn't really mean all that much to me, either--although he is a good representation of a gnat, or a mosquito.


Anonymous said...

The vatican raises him up and honors him by appointing this heretic to Vatican department for communications?

Who’s really responsible for Fr. James Martin’s sexual revolution?

What the vatican failes to address is wages of fr Martins sexual revolution in the church. I'll leave it to ex Catholic Jim Goad to shed light on that, just so we know what the wages are and how uhhhhh "charitable" Fr Martin actually is.

The Power of HIV-Positive Thinking

I will not take my Children to a Church dominated by Fr Martin SJ agenda, thus I'm out there!


Anonymous said...

Plus there is not enough fight and push back by those that remain

Grim understands this

Grim's Hall is open to warriors of all faiths, as is the US Military. This is not a Catholic, nor even a Christian blog. It is a place for warriors. The Catholic Church preaches a warrior faith, but her priests and sons have laid down their sword. As a man -- as a fighting man, which is the only kind of man to be -- I charge them to take it up again.

I will not give a penny to Jesuits ....

I will not give a penny to an organization that goes along with USCCB

They are not worthy.


Anonymous said...

When Priest like Fr Martin SJ are removed from their positions for acts of such pernicious defeatism then we know Roman Catholicism is restored.


Dad29 said...

Umnnhhh.,.yah. But in the meantime you are holding YOUR soul hostage to the likes of Martin.

I don't think that makes much sense, Mississ......