Saturday, September 02, 2017

The "Most Honorable" Comey? How About Spineless?

McCarthy clarifies for us.

Comey did, indeed, write a memo declaring that he would not prosecute Hillary for her crimes relating to national security and her toilet-room server.

Now we learn that Comey wrote it at the direction of Obama--who MAY be only the second-best crook to ever occupy the White House.

So we learned something.  Comey is not an "honorable, righteous" guy.  He is a spineless snake who should have resigned rather than--on his own authority--acquitted Clinton.

UPDATE:  The Left-O-Wackies now (9/4) claim that the spineless snake wrote the memo because Feebs always write memos in advance.  More efficient, yada.  Oh?  Then where's the memo stating the reasons FOR indictment?  Hmmmm?

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