Monday, September 18, 2017

On "Sin", Real and Imagined-by-USCC

Anent the post below regarding DACA, and more important, contra the USCC's "New Sin Encyclopedia", the country's finest political philosopher, Fr. James Schall, SJ, has a few words of actual truth.

...A newer category of sinning, however, is flourishing. It is related to the older idea of “corporate guilt.” We now have the “ism” and the “phobia” sins, the general category sins by which we can judge (“Who am I to judge?”) whole groups of human beings as sinful just for being what they are.

Even earlier we had the “anti” sins – anti-Semitism or anti-Catholicism. Of course, depending on one’s politics, some of the “anti” sins were considered to be virtues – anti-fascism, anti-Nazism, anti-Communism.

These newer sins somehow, not without reason, were never mentioned in the Ten Commandments

...“Ism sins” seek to “purify” by identifying as evil those belonging to categories of unacceptable ideas, not with actions of individuals who are personally responsible for their actions. “Ism sins” undermine any public order by subverting the basis by which any sinning can be identified....

Since "nations" are by definition not "individuals," "nations" cannot sin. Conversely, "nations" cannot be "charitable," nor "chaste", nor "meek;" they cannot be 'virtuous.' Only individual citizens can have and exercise 'virtue' or 'vice.' 

The "New Sin Encyclopedia" foisted on Catholics by the USCC--long a bastion of demi-socialists and heavily influenced by Chicago's Alinsky Gang--is erroneous and should be rejected wholesale.

You've been warned.

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