Friday, September 01, 2017

Paul Ryan, Worming Around DACA Like a Pansy

RedState's Streiff exposes the real Paul Ryan on the matter of DACA (which, as we know, is an illegal act by Obozo.)

He observes that Paul Ryan's House has done nothing, nada, zero, zip, about DACA even though Ryan knew that the deadline was coming.  So that would be 8 months or so, of ass-sitting.

...The reason for the inaction is pretty banal. If Ryan convinces Trump to leave DACA intact, he gets his caucus through 2018 without having to cast a vote to either grant “amnesty” so some 800,000 illegals or to okay the deportation of some 800,000 people who are pretty much American in outlook. If Trump pulls the plug on DACA, they Ryan has to decide which hurts his caucus more: acting or not acting. Neither of those options are going to sell all that well....

Yup.  Big Biz loves cheap labor (and they will be cheap, because they are all young.)  Folks who thought that ...ya'know....LAWS should be OBEYED....ya'know....don't like the idea that laws can be ignored at will.

...What Ryan said is utter gibberish. Congress has uncontested power to regulate immigration and naturalization. The President is charged with faithfully executing the laws. DACA is a violation of that charge. Congress is part of the solution, in fact, Congress is the whole solution. Unfortunately, Paul Ryan wants Congress to continue being part of the problem and he wants cover from Trump to do it....

Just as I said below, it's Paul the Pansy.

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