Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Sharing the Journey" to Suicide??

The Roman Catholic Church launched a program called "Sharing the Journey" yesterday, with an address from Pp. Francis and co-ordinated efforts from USCC and at least a few US Dioceses (including Milwaukee.)

Happily, the Catholic Church's teachings on the topic of immigration allow that 'countries should have control of their borders' and--logically--who crosses them as legal immigrants.

UN-happily, Pp. Francis hasn't yet figured out that many Muslims actually believe what the Koran teaches:  that Islam ("submission") should enforce "submission" from ALL people.  They've done a very good job, too:  Britain and other Northern European countries have ceded boroughs and cities to Muslims, making those areas "no-go" zones.  In the USA, there have been constant--albeit small-scale--attacks on US citizens with the hope of disrupting our civilization.

Most US politicians haven't figured this out, either, with the most notorious dupe being "Religion of Peace" George W. Bush.  Obozo, of course, was perfectly happy to fill the country with potential bombers and knife/acid attackers.

Trump SEEMS to have a clue, but we'll see.

Catholics should remind their pastors and Bishops that suicide is still forbidden by the Church.  Maybe they'll get the message.

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