Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pp. Francis and Abp. Weakland

Umnnhh....yah....what do THEY have in common?

From Skojec's essay of today (on the upcoming Babel-i-zation): my friend Hilary White has so often said, “The Church couldn’t have survived another ‘conservative’ pope.” Francis has woken people up, and they will never be able to sleep again. And once they began to evaluate why what he was doing was wrong...

Just as with Abp. Weakland's reign in Milwaukee.  It was a great good for the Church here, because sentient Catholics had to learn--quickly--how to 'look it up' in reliable texts every time the Abp. opened his yap.  And we learned a lot that we didn't HAVE to learn under the naptime-ruling of Abp. Cousins, nor the far more active and good rule of Abp. Meyer.

So yes, it's a GOOD thing that Pp. Francis has arrived in the sense that it's GOOD to pour alcohol onto a wound to cleanse it.


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