Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lying in the Vatican??

Let us begin with an important truth:  while power is important, the salvation of souls is THE Important.  Creation's most significant Liar, therefore, would much rather impede the salvation of souls than merely play for power.

So this little vignette is interesting:

...Davies also speaks (starting at 28:10) of an aspect of his work which I either never heard of before, or forgot if I did, an example of the kind of dishonesty actively present in the reform which led Fr Bouyer to call Abp Bugnini (with classic French restraint) a man “as devoid of learning as he was of honesty.” It is a well-known fact that a group of six Protestant ministers were “consulted” by the Consilium ad exsequendam in the process of reforming the Mass. Bugnini would later claim in Notitiae that they only intervened once, and were merely observers; this led Davies to write to one of the six and ask to what degree they were involved, “and he said ‘Oh no, we played a very active part, and we were given all the documents same as the Catholic observers, every morning there was a discussion, a great free-for-all in which we put forward our opinions.’ That sort of thing has happened again and again....quoted at NLM, here.

Bugnini was a high-placed Vatican official. 

We relate this because some people think that "Vatican officials" do not lie, simply because they are "Vatican officials."  I would propose that Satan's interest in lies from the Vatican is far greater than his interest in such as 'power', or 'money,' or simple 'sex.'

What happens in (and from) the Vatican has to do with the salvation of souls, friends.  What better place for Satan's work of lies??  Hmmmmm????

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