Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wanna Bet, Obozo?

Some of the horrific carnage and destruction wreaked by the Reid Shutdown:

....The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said the 22,000-acre Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge have been closed because of the federal budget stalemate.
Fish and Wildlife Service personnel chained a state-operated boat landing on the Mississippi River because it was on federal land, the Department of Natural Resources reported.

Also included in the closure: the 13,000-acre Leopold Wetland Management District in 17 counties in southeastern Wisconsin; the Fox River National Wildlife Refuge in Montello; and the Green Bay and Gravel Island National Wildlife refuges on Lake Michigan near Washington Island.

The closures mean that public access to the properties is prohibited and that fish and wildlife management activities and all public programs have been canceled.... Sheriff Joe "Shotgun" Biden guarding the entrances?

Let Little Lord Fauntelroy Obama pop over here and "man" his barricades to the national parks which WE bought, WE built, and WE maintain.  No, Barky, you did not build them--and you can't "prohibit" access.

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