Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Even More ObozoCare Suits

There's that pesky First Amendment stuff that the Catholics brought up, as did a number of employers.

Now there's this:

Four separate pending lawsuits suits, filed in various federal district courts, challenge the legality of a crucial IRS rule authorizing tax credits for the purchase of health insurance on federally run health care exchanges. Each suit alleges that the IRS rule contravenes the plain text of the ACA (Obamacare) because the statute only authorizes tax credits (and subsidies) for the purchase of insurance in an exchange “established by a state” under Section 1311 of the law. Federal exchanges are neither “established by a state” nor authorized by Section 1311.

So far the government has attempted to have two of the four suits dismissed. Both times, the government has failed.

I'd advise a bowl of popcorn, but it's better to buy ammo instead.  That girly-man Totalitarian may try something even more stupid than IRS tricks.  Best be prepared.

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