Friday, October 11, 2013

The Ironic Death of the (R) Party

It's no small irony that the (R) Party is dying.

John Judis:

...this week I called some Republicans I used to talk to (and some that they recommended I talk to) about the effect the shutdown is having on the Republican Party in Washington. The response I got was fear of Republican decline and loathing of the Tea Party: One lobbyist and former Hill staffer lamented the “fall of the national party,” another the rise of “suburban revolutionaries,” and another of “people alienated from business, from everything.” There is a growing fear among Washington Republicans that the party, which has lost two national elections in a row, is headed for history’s dustbin. And I believe that they are right to worry....

The Party was born to free the slaves. 

It will die because it helped enslave the people.


St. Revolution's Better Looking, More Intelligent Brother said...

So, I take it you are breaking the chains and no longer voting for the (R)'s???

After all, they "enslave" people, right?

Otherwise, you are just another hypocrite on par with Boehner, Sensenbrenner, Johnson, Ryan, etc.

Dad29 said...

Although your gerbil-cage "mind" has a problem with discernment, I'll try to make it clear for you: the Republican Party, since 1970 or so, has NEVER acted to make the Federal government smaller.


Enslavement follows.

St. Revolution's Better Looking, More Intelligent Brother said...

"Discernment". Let's try it one more time since you are notoriously slow.

According to you, the R's ramp up federal spending. They generally disavow conservative values. So, given those "facts", I take it you are not going to politically support them at the ballot box.

If you do vote for one of their candidates, then you are contributing to your own enslavement.

So, free yourself from their tyranny

Do Patrick Henry proud!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to empty a magazine of hollow points in the above poster's head.

St. Revolution's Better Looking, More Intelligent Brother said...


Ah, yes, the deranged anony strikes again. A Christian does not make those type of remarks.

Anonymous said...

Not a Christian, but an atheist.

But nice try, fuck face.