Sunday, October 13, 2013


There are a few problems with the NBC/WSJ poll that sent the Pubbies into a fainting spell.

For one thing, the survey is based on interviews with "adults," not "likely voters,"...

The sample size is only 800 when 1,000 or more is preferable...

and most significant:

...the sample is heavily over-weighted in two ways: By the presence of government workers and households in which at least one person works for government at some level — 20 percent, which is two-and-a-half-times the rate for the general public — and there too many Democrats and too few Republicans being interviewed.

But even if the (R) brand is suffering due to the principled stand of Cruz/Lee and the House, so what?

In a week--when the ObozoCare website is STILL non-functional--the (D) brand, and that of the GirlyMan Totalitarian, will be far worse off than that of the (R)s, should they have the guts to say "Nuts!!" to the White House and Dirty Harry.


Anonymous said...

Remember how the Medicare Part D website didn't work for six months? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

Tim Morrissey said...

Deja guys are still stuck in the past, like the last election, when you believed only Karl Rove and the Fox News Polls.

Anonymous said...

Skewed polls again? I'm sure Rasmussen has the polling data you're looking for.

Dad29 said...


As I said: if the R's had balls, they'd stick with principles.

I'm not worried about that suddenly happening.