Friday, October 11, 2013

Jack Lew, Liar

Well sure, he's a liar.  He works for Obozo.

“Secretary Lew, you have also publicly stated that only Congress has the power to lift the debt limit,” said Hatch. “Now, while it is ostensibly true that Congress has the power to raise the debt limit, there will be no increase if the president does not agree. At the same time, despite your public statements to the contrary, it is not true that raising the limit has only to do with spending Congress already approved. This line of argument is based on a premise that Congress makes spending decisions unilaterally, and that the Executive Branch plays no role in the process.
“That premise is simply false,” Hatch told Lew. “No amount of spending can be enacted without the president signing it into law.”
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Anonymous said...

"Every business day since May 17, the Treasury has claimed that the debt-subject-to-limit has remained at exactly 16,699,396,000,000—or approximately $25 million below the limit."

So how has Treasury been able to do this?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because they've been doing the prioritizing that you probably think they can continue to do forever.

Tartar said...

If the regime has managed to maintain the debt limit $25 million under since May 17- good work guys!- why do they want an increase ceiling? They'll be transparent, like always, right?