Thursday, October 03, 2013

Boehner the Enabler

Anyone who has a hare's knowledge about addicts knows that every addict has an enabler.

Boehner is the enabler for the SpendAddict Obozo.

FWIW, enablers are usually weaker than the addicts themselves, and often not nearly as smart.

Take your choice about Boehner, or take both, which is my bet.

Just for review:  "Default" occurs ONLY when the debtor does not pay the interest or the amount of the debt-instrument.  "Default" does NOT happen when the debtor either:  1) pays the interest or 2) pays the note; or 3)  both of the above.

Allahpundit ought to know that; it's right here:

It is not true that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by October 17, the U.S. will default on its bond obligations. On the contrary: constitutionally, the government is required to pay its debt obligations as they accrue, and the government would in fact do so until it runs out of money. Other spending might go by the wayside, but the principal and interest on government bonds would be paid in full. When the government would actually become unable to service its debt obligations has not been reported, to my knowledge, but it would be some months subsequent to October 17. So that deadline is in some respects an artificial one.

Boehner may or may not know it.  Maybe he'll tell us after a good cry.

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