Wednesday, October 02, 2013

ObozoCare, Good and Hard

Ya' don't like it, but you're going to get it or be a Federal Law-breaker. 

So you'll get it.  Good and hard.

...according to, before ObamaCare plans started being offered through online exchanges on October 1st, it was possible for a 21 year-old in Wisconsin to obtain health insurance for $44.20 per month. According to HHS data, the cheapest plan available through the ObamaCare exchange for a 21 year-old in Wisconsin is $104.29 per month....That’s an increase of 107%.

The smallest increase was 63%, if you call that "small."

Of course, there are subsidies, as long as you're spending 9.5% of your income on premiums.

HT:  Sykes


Anonymous said...

Liar! The cheapest plan for a 21 year-old is $0 since a 21 year-old can be insured on their parents' plan.

Anonymous said...

Unless the parents lost their plan due to Obongocare.

Troll fail at 11:55 p.m.