Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Long the D/R Parties?

Picked up from PW:

...William Galston, writing in the Wall Street Journal warns that the institutional Republican Party — the political equivalent of the Washington Generals — may have lost its  audience after the longest losing streak in history.   A large part of the GOP base is walking out — led by an “aroused, angry and above all fearful [Jacksonian America] in full revolt against a new elite”...

Well, yah.  We're well past the 'once' in "Fool me once...."

But that's not all.

...the assumption that Third Party must only come from conservative ranks bears closer examination. For the Democrats need money too.  In fact they need it more than anyone else, a fact underscored by their obsession to lift every limit on their credit cards.  The truth is they are only one step ahead of disaster; for if once the EBT system stops working, even momentarily,  there is a drastic disturbance in the force....

Seems to me that in the last 5 days a lot of polls have affirmed that the majority of Americans are sick and tired of BOTH parties and all of Congress.  All of 'em.

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