Saturday, October 05, 2013

"Dishonest," Ron?

RoJo characterizes Cruz as "intellectually dishonest."

That from a guy who voted FOR continuation of ObozoCare when the chips were down in the Senate.

Recalling that RoJo's campaign consisted of 90 parts anti-ObozoCare and 10 parts other stuff, that's quite an accusation.

But rather than calling RoJo 'intellectually dishonest,' I'll be charitable.

RoJo is confused.   


schmenz said...

No, he is not confused. He is a horse's ass.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is just having a difficult time balancing while he has that picket fence firmly stuck up his ass. He no longer has a firm position on ACA and is simply waiting for the wind to tack strongly enough to point his nose in any given direction. He and Ayotte are plenty mouthy behind the comfort of closed doors sessions, but you'll notice that he lines up BEHIND others in public. He's plenty principled enough to let the likes of Cruz and Lee take the bullets. He's not a Conservative, he's just a Republican. Lower your expectations.