Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Story of RoJo: A Cautionary Tale

There once was a man named RoJo.  He was a finance guy who ran a business selling stuff to his father-in-law, who paid him a lot of money for the stuff.   Then he became politically active!  So active that he was picked by Reince Priebus to run for office against a pompous, arrogant Statist whose time was up.

So RoJo ran a campaign which was 90% anti-ObozoCare and 10% "small Government.". He was going to be the 'common man' in the Senate, using his accounting acumen to straighten out the books and stop Big Brother.  The pompous arrogant Statist was tired and his schtick wasn't selling, so RoJo won.

RoJo made some Conservative-sounding noises in the Senate early on, but that was against the rules. So he was sent to his room by the Senate Daddy, McConnell.  

And that was the end of "RoJo the Conservative".

Earlier this year, Daddy McConnell let RoJo out of his room and told him he could play with the other kids, namely, some White House budget types.  Of course, there was a condition attached:  RoJo had to behave himself and play nice and never, ever, ever again raise Hell about the “greatest assault on our freedom in our lifetime.” or run around saying: "Obama represents nothing less than a threat to turn America into a “socialist, European-style” state.

If RoJo didn't behave himself, he would have to go back to his room.  He wouldn't be able to play with the other Big Boys any more or pretend to be "solving the problem" of Big Brother Government with the White House kids.

By and by, another Conservative came to the Senate.  But this one actually did what RoJo had "promised" to do:  he threw sand into the transmission of ObozoCare.  This was a problem for Daddy, because Daddy wanted to be re-elected and maybe even become the Big Daddy. 

So Daddy sent RoJo out with another assignment:  RoJo would have to denounce the Conservative and vote against him.  Not only that, but RoJo would have to scream and yell at the Conservative.  And, of course, he'd have to lie about that screaming-and-yelling stuff, or Daddy would be unhappy and send him back to his room.

RoJo did what Daddy told him, so he can still play with the other boys.  He can even go on the radio, so long as he says that the Conservative is a stupid-head, or stuff like that.  And RoJo did, because he learned his lesson. 

The end.


Anonymous said...

You left out the part about how he hoodwinked you into voting for him. The writing was on the wall, yet you sheeples blindly followed along.

Anonymous said...

At least RoJo ran for office rather than talk shit on a blog. Perhaps you can do better???

Anonymous said...

By the way, my comment at 6:46 p.m. is directed at Dad29. All he does is bitch and complain, well within his liberty. After a while, talk is cheap. Follow GK's advice..."A true soldier fights not because he hates those who are in front of him but because he loves those who are behind him."

Dad29 said...

I'm familiar with the quote.

I'm trying to prod RoJo into something resembling Conservatism, again....

because I love the multitude behind me.

As to the trash on the other side--I don't hate them.

GKC: When on their skulls the sword I swing falls shattering from the sky.

The hour when death is like a light and blood is like a rose, --

You never loved your friends, my friends, as I shall love my foes.

Gehr ste'he?

schmenz said...

Johnson is the usual despicable Republican coward, the same types who gave us clowns like John Roberts and all those other wonderful conservative Supreme Court justices who were going to put a stop to legislating on the bench (like Anthony Kennedy, for example).

The man is too stupid to be hated. Pitied, yes; hated, no. His recent ass-kissing of the equally despicable Benjamin Nutandyahoo shows clearly that he is the typical legislative whore and really, when all is said and done, unworthy of comment.

Anonymous said...

“I'm trying to prod RoJo into something resembling Conservatism, again...”

Just like Paul Ryan. How did that work out for you? See, they don’t represent your views in the end, so it’s best to get things done yourself. Running for office sets everything in motion. St. Revolution would be perfect as your campaign manager.

“When on their skulls the sword I swing falls shattering from the sky.”

More visceral war-porn. Gets your testosterone going, eh?

Schmuck--"...clearly that he is the typical legislative whore and really, when all is said and done, unworthy of comment."

So, you felt that way when he was elected, right?

schmenz said...

"So, you felt that way when he was elected, right?" quoth Anon.

Yes, I did.