Thursday, October 03, 2013

"Grand Bargaining" Away the Constitution

Rumors abound that Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy/Ryan are cobbling up a "Grand Bargain" which will reduce spending, re-arrange the tax code, and pop the current 'shutdown' zit.

Notably absent:  de-funding or repealing ObozoCare.

There are so many problems with ObozoCare that it's near impossible to identify the "worst" one--but its steamrolling of the 1st Amendment is a helluva good candidate.

Does the (R) "brain trust" really think that tax-code changes and a rate-of-increase change in Fed spending make up for the catalog of abuses that is ObozoCare?  Do these sad sacks really expect that flushing into the sewer our 1st Amendment rights, not to mention the privacy and efficiency of our healthcare, will be offset by some tax-code tweaks and a bend to the Gummint-Cost curve?

Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

Please link to a SCOTUS ruling that indicates that ACA steamrolls the 1st Amendment.

Dad29 said...

Look at Appeals rulings; find the links yourself. Try 8th or 4th Circuits.

Anonymous said...

Or go here:

Anonymous said...

Is Hobby Lobby going to stop paying their employees' wages because they MIGHT use a part of their paycheck for contraceptives? You know, letting their EMPLOYEES freely exercise THEIR religion?

Anonymous said...

Yes. And chickenshit anonys will be rounded up and executed.