Thursday, October 31, 2013

You're Getting the Green Weenie

The Green Weenie strikes, and it's pretty damn bad.

You may recall the exceptionally unsuccessful saga of Abound Solar, one of the Obama administration’s pet “green”-energy stimulus projects second in infamy only to fellow failed solar-panel maker Solyndra, and the millions of dollars for which taxpayers were left on the hook when the once “promising” company went belly-up last year...

About $70 million in taxpayer losses--so far.

It will get much worse.

...Now its Longmont, Colo., facility sits unoccupied, its 37,000 square feet littered with hazardous waste, broken glass and contaminated water. The Northern Colorado Business Report estimates it will cost up to $3.7 million to clean and repair the building so it can again be leased....quoting FoxNews

Such is the way of Environmentally Conscious People, ya'know.

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