Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Intellectually Dishonest"

That's the only phrase that can be applied to a RadioMouth who said this morning that "ObamaCare is an entitlement and cannot be de-funded."

Yes, it's an entitlement and--so far--cannot be de-funded.

But that's not what Cruz was trying to do, nor the House which passed the bill in question.

As even the "intellectually dishonest" know, the House bill simply de-funded the administration of ObozoCare.  In other words, dollars budgeted to pay ObozoCare workers at HHS, IRS (etc.) were taken out of the budget resolution.  The main "funds" were left intact--except there was no way to spend them.

It's also "intellectually dishonest" for Ron Johnson to have voted the way he did, which allowed Harry and the ratbastard Democrats to stop the debate--a debate which Johnson should have welcomed, given that he wanted to 'convert five Democrats.'  RoJo could be a fool, of course, and think that those five were swayed by Cruz' speech alone.

It's also "intellectually dishonest" for someone who often states that he is "not a Republican, but a Conservative" to then state that 'electing Republicans' is the only course of action which should be taken.

How'd that work with McCain?  Dole?  Romney? Or the Republican who made incandescent bulbs illegal?  Or the Republican who established the EPA and those Republicans who continue to INCREASE its funding? 

It didn't work, because none of them had Conservative principles.  Nor, when it was clinch-time, did GWBush.

What the intellectually dishonest folks know--but can't admit--is that (R) flavored Totalitarianism is still Totalitarianism.  But they'll continue to prattle while the smoke from burning Rome fills their studio.

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