Friday, October 11, 2013

Nice, But Why?

Seems that the State's coffers overflow!

Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday announced a special session to take up $100 million in property tax relief.

The measure would distribute that amount to school districts through equalization aids, which Walker called "the easiest way for school districts, as they set their levies, to understand the system." He said districts have already established their budgets for the year and all the money would go directly toward property taxes

Nice.  About $16.50/year for the next two years for the average property-owner.

Here's a question for Gov. Walker:

Why not a $100 million reduction in State income tax?  Or a $100 million reduction in the sales-tax?

Sure, I know why, and so do you:  you can't be Santa if you don't have a little extra cash for the folks.

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Anonymous said...

That's a few donuts that resident obese fuck Tim Morrissey could purchase.

Or that could buy a saw blade to chop off his diabetic hoof.