Monday, October 21, 2013

A Non-Story About Political Money

This popped up yesterday in the Madistan paper.

In January 2009, Milwaukee area attorney Mark Thomsen donated $5,000 to a Wisconsin official’s political campaign. Thomsen soon sent an additional $500 just eight days before the official cast a key vote on an insurance issue that greatly affected Thomsen and his clients.

The public official’s vote was not in the state Assembly, or the state Senate. It was in the state’s highest court.

When the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision came down in Thomsen’s favor, the majority included the recipient of Thomsen’s money: Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

We've been through this before.  Political money goes to like-minded office-holders (or candidates)--at least, that's the line that the RadioMouths ran with when the "story" was that Conservative congress-critters got money from conservatives.

It'll be interesting to hear their take on this one, since Screechin' Shirley is named.

(By the way:  as much as I dislike Screech's inane rulings, I don't for one second believe that $18K/year buys her vote.  That would make her a very cheap whore, indeed.) 

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A whore nonetheless.