Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's About Time! Conservatives Revolt in Wisconsin

After years of Thompsonite spend-and-bond (and Doylite spend-and-to-hell-with-it), the Conservatives finally speak.

...We in good conscience cannot support this budget unless the following issues are substantially addressed:

 •         Adoption of Rep. Dale Kooyenga’s tax reform package and serious reforms to the "Marriage Penalty" tax.

•         Complete and total removal of the "DNA Collection Upon Arrest" proposal.

•         An overall reduction of $500 million in bonding.

•         Appropriations and tax reform done in a deficit neutral manner.

•         Double dipping 2/3 FTE employee provision returns to the FTE employee definition as currently defined by the Department of Employee Trust Funds....
(We note that the Kooyenga reform includes eradicating another Stupid Republican Idea:  movie credits.)
Translation:  screw the bozo anti-Catholic Ellis, the political-transvestite Luther Olsen, and Fitzgerald the Dancer.
And by the way, we don't need another Spend-and-Bond-It Governor, either.


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